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Through play we encourage our children to use their imagination and to learn and apply new skills.  During the daily routine our children are involved in:

Planned activities –  our staff will deliver play-based activities with their key children, which are both challenging and achievable.  Planned activities are based on continuous observations made through, assessments and the individual child’s interests to ensure his or her continuing development.

Free-play – we encourage our children to play freely as we believe this is self-motivating and inclusive.  Our staff will urge our children to make choices and decisions for themselves, encouraging them to think and act independently.

Story and Singing – books and stories are a vital source of education and help development in all areas.  Books help children identify both positive and negative emotions, while ensuring they learn the vocabulary necessary to express their feelings.  Singing sessions help promote social, emotional and language skills.  Our children will learn to associate sounds with patterns, which helps them develop an awareness of the way words are made and used.

Physical Play – These sessions are fun, challenging and suitable for the ages and stages of development, so that our children enjoy themselves whilst playing and learning.  Children are naturally adventurous and therefore need the freedom to move around in a less confined and restricted space.

Meal Times – meal times provide opportunities for children to interact with other children and  our staff. We place great emphasis on table manners and social skills.  Our staff members will encourage children to try new foods but will not insist if the child expresses dislike.  If your child does not eat the main meal, they will be offered an alternative.

Quiet Time – All children need adequate rest and sleep in order to be active and healthy.  Those children who need a sleep are settled on a mat in a quiet area.

Integration with other Rooms

Before moving on to the next room, discussions will take place with our parents, so they know what the plans are for your children.  Our children will visit the new room several times beforehand, so they get to know our staff and our other children.

Diaries – Daily diaries are a form of communication between our parent and nursery staff.  Your baby or toddlers day will be recorded in a daily diary, which contains all the necessary information you need to know about your child’s sleep times, nappy changes, and how much food they have eaten.  The keyworker will also give you more details about your child’s day when you pick him or her up

For our older children parents will receive a communication log so parents can read what activities their child has participated in. We encourage you to discuss these with your child.